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black ostomy cover with tan ostomy bag fitted inside
black ostomy cover
how to measure the width, length, and flange of your ostomy cover
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Black Ostomy Bag Cover

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Our little black bag is a classic. This lightweight, water-resistant ostomy cover provides an extra layer of security between your ostomy bag and clothing – so you can say goodbye to leaks and stains!

Need to empty your pouch while you're on-the-go? Our flip-bottom design lets you empty your pouch with the cover on. No fuss, no mess.


  • 1 Plain Black Ostomy Cover (our most popular color!)
  • Waterproof material prevents leaks and stains
  • Bottom flips open for easy emptying
  • Precise size options for the perfect fit, no matter which pouch you use
  • Please note, this ostomy cover does not form a watertight seal around an ostomy pouch, so it will not keep your pouch dry in the shower or pool.


Machine wash cold, air dry only


Measure the width and length of your ostomy pouch (in inches) to find the Pouch Size. If your pouch empties at the bottom, roll it up and/or close the bottom before measuring. Then choose an opening size (diameter in inches) that will fit around the flange of your ostomy pouch.

The easiest way to find the right opening size is to place a ruler across the ring and measure at the widest point, as shown. If your pouch has a large oval-shaped flange (like the Coloplast Sensura), choose the Flange Size: "3.5" Oval." Most ostomy pouches will have a round flange between 2.5 and 3.5 inches in diameter.

How to Measure your Ostomy Bag:

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
great fit

I am very happy with your product. Having tried others, yours excels in fit and comfort. Thank you very much

Great Company

My husband is a new ostomate who loves to swim. I got him swim trunks but the inside pocket would not keep the pouch stable. Then I saw the ad from former brand name, now Spoonie Threads, that had a water resilient pouch covering that appeared would be good for showering and swimming. I ordered one..the directions to get the right size were great...which came quick. However, when we looked at it, the pouch's inner lining was not complete and would leave the pouch to be open to get wet. I called the company and spoke to Amy. She requested for me to send her a picture which I did. Amy got back to me right away saying it did not look right and advised they would send another one which they did. This one is perfect. It is wonderful to find a company who backs their product. We are very appreciative and intend to use the pouch soon when our "Y" reopens and hubby can get back to the pool. Thank you former brand name, now Spoonie Threads.

Very good belt

I was using a thinner elastic belt which worked but was uncomfortable. The black is Ostomy Belt works great and is comfortable. Looks like a money belt or holster so I’m not self conscious of someone seeing the belt! The fastener could be closer to the front to make it easier to put on.


I bought this cover to keep the filter on my device dry in the shower and it works perfectly for that! One small issue is that water pools and collects in the opening at the bottom back; causing the cover to weigh/pull down and get the bottom of the device wet. I wish there was an option to add some type of closure; perhaps similar to the Velcro-like closure on many ileostomy pouches, to help keep water getting in. Overall would recommend!

Great service