2023 Picking your Word of the Year

2023 Picking your Word of the Year

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Have you ever tried choosing one word to focus on that year instead of the often overwhelming (and quickly forgotten) New Year’s Resolutions? This method is called The Word of the Year. Simply pick a word of the year to focus on and think about how that word can motivate, inspire, or challenge you.

Try these 4 tips for selecting YOUR word and then read on to see what Spoonie Threads has selected for ours!

4 Tips to Help You Choose Your Word of the Year

First, Ponder

Think about the previous year and then think—what would I like to feel more of this year? What paths would you like to take?

Second, Imagine

What would an ideal day be like for you? How would you like to wake up feeling? How would you like to be at the end of your day?

Third, Brainstorm

Now take all this pondering and imagining and write some words down. Run with it if inspiration takes you down a certain path. Or if you get stumped use a thesaurus to find similar words to ones you’ve already considered.

Fourth, Filter

Group together similar themes. Is one category larger than others? Does anything jump off the page at you? Cross off ones after reflection don’t feel right. Set the list down and step away and come back with fresh perspective.

Once you narrow down further imagine yourself saying this word every day. What do you see yourself starting your day with? Can you visualize chanting as a mantra? This is a personal choice—do what feels best for you.

Some options to consider: self-love, balance, harmony, steadfastness, happiness, joy, contentment, inclusive, decisive, peace, positivity, kindness, dream, believe, courage, strength, commitment, passion, honor and resilience. Our word for 2022 was INNOVATE. 

Here at Spoonie Threads we selected a word of the year for our 2023 season:


Focus on being Present (Eliminate distractions, stay in the moment);

Focus on being Aware (Aware of those around me and their needs);

Focus on being Positive (Dwell on positive good things, release negatives).

--- J. Spencer, COO

Follow along with Spoonie Threads this year to see how we incorporate FOCUS into our products, messaging and customer engagements. Share with us your word choice in the comments--we'd love to hear them!

More resources for selecting a word of the year:

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How To Choose A Word Of The Year

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