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Items for feeding tubes, trachs, Insulin Pumps, & Catheters

Cath Clips

No more pulling, dragging, or tripping over excess tubing! Cath Clips are great for securing loose or tangled catheters, feeding tubes, PICC lines, and other cords. Coil your dangling cords between the two straps, and then snap them together. Use the plastic clip to secure cords to your clothing or bag. 

Feeding Tube + Cath Access Baby Bodysuit

Our naturally hypoallergenic organic cotton bodysuit is adapted for feeding tubes and catheters. Special openings give parents the comfort of knowing their little ones won't pull on tubes during feeds or while they sleep. 

Insulin Pump Belt

Soft, stretchy, and sweat-wicking, with antimicrobial power and a hidden zipper pocket – it's no mystery the Insulin Pump Belt is a customer favorite!  

Trach Pads

Our soft and newly designed Trach pads protect your child's skin from irritation and absorb leakage around surgical sites. Unlike other pads, our pads do not have rough edges or irritating exposed seams.

Bicep Bands

Snap Access Tees

Soft Sleeves