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A black ostomy bag cover with white text that reads "Oh Crap"

A customer favorite. This lightweight, water-resistant ostomy cover provides an extra layer of security between your ostomy bag and clothing – so you can say goodbye to leaks and stains!

Gray, blue, and pink fabric belt with zippered pockets lie on top of each other

Soft, stretchy, and sweat-wicking, with antimicrobial power and a hidden zipper pocket – it's no mystery the Insulin Pump Belt is a customer favorite!  

Pink, purple, and plum g-tube pads

Our super soft G-Tube pads protect your skin from irritation and absorb leakage around surgical sites—without the rough edges or irritating exposed seams of other pads.

Blue, green, purple, and orange cath clips

Thank you for making these! I’ve been in and out of the hospital 7 times and needed this every time. It holds my feeding tube or any of the tubes coming from my port. It makes me feel safer when I have them clipped to me.

Cath Clips customer

I bought the soft sleeves to help cover my CGM site when I put it on my arms. I roll around a lot during the night, and am always nervous about the sites ripping out when I get to the end of their 10 day use. These sleeves have helped prolong the life of my sites to 10 days without having to put on an additional patch. The sleeves are so soft and fit so well I often forget I’m wearing it!

Soft Sleeve PICC Line Cover customer

I ordered the snap tee to easily access my port for chemo. Not only does it give my nurses easy access without flashing everyone in the infusion room, it is so cute and extremely comfortable! Thank you so much for making this line of clothing. You help make me feel “normal” again. ❤️

Adult Shoulder Snap Tee customer