7 Ways to Build Resilience in Young Children

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A mental health struggle can begin in childhood. It is essential to help each child develop resilience to thrive (and not just survive) throughout life. Resilience is our ability to withstand or recover from difficult situations, such as trauma, adversity, or stress.  

Here are tips on building resilience:  

  1. Learning can be frustrating! Keep in mind that your children are experiencing life for the first time and practice patience and kindness with them (and yourself!) 
  2. When reading books involving overcoming obstacles, examine with your child the details of how each of those obstacles were overcome. 
  3. When your kid is struggling with a problem, guide them to figuring out the answer without telling them. This technique helps develop critical thinking skills in addition to resilience. 
  4. Encourage children and young people to accept responsibility for their words and actions, while gently reminding them that everyone makes mistakes. Learning and adjusting future actions are more important than their past mistakes. 
  5. You are a model for your children. Be compassionate and speak kindly to yourself. Children adopt habits from their parents. 
  6. Create a positive environment where your child can feel safe and secure in their educational curiosity. 
  7. Provide love and support by LISTENing to what your child has to say. Sometimes, it can sound like babbling, but remember that all of these experiences are brand new to young children, and they are learning to communicate.  

Looking for more trusted resources for identifying signs and providing support for mental health struggles in young children?  

Here are some Spoonie Threads selected websites and articles to source more information from: 

NIMH Children & Mental Health 


Medline Plus: Child Mental Health & Resources 

American Psychological Association: What Parents Should Know about Treatment of Behavioral and Emotional Disorders in Preschool Children  

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