An Ostomate's Survival Kit

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An Ostomate's Survival Kit 

Written by proud ostomate Katie Vyn, originally published April 2020. 

  1. Spoonie Threads Ostomy Bag Covers — These bag covers come in a variety of colors and patterns, are well made, and the fabric is comfortable against your skin!  They're also water resistant, which makes them more versatile. The company is eco-conscious and kind-hearted.


  1. Designs by @emjayuc — Aussie illustrator and designer, MJ, is an ostomate herself. I love her designs, message, and her positivity. 
  1. Stealthbelt — I trust this company in part because of the story behind it.  The first belt was designed by an ostomate who wanted to get back to living an active life.  The company offers belts for everyday use, being active, water sports, and intimate moments. 
  1. Vanilla Blush Lingerie — The Vanilla Blush lingerie and hernia support products are beautifully designed.  They offer a variety of colors and styles, so customers feel like themselves again.


  1. Ostomy Secrets Lace Wrap  — This ostomy wrap by Ostomy Secrets is subtle but pretty.  I love the pale pink color and lace design, as well as the comfort it offers in intimate moments.  
  1. Liquid IV Electrolyte Drink — My favorite electrolyte drink!  As an ostomate, I need to drink a lot of fluids and electrolytes in order to keep well hydrated.  This brand is unique because it is vegan, gluten free, is lower in sugar, and non-GMO.
  1. Hollister Adapt Ostomy Belt & Convatec Ostomy Belt — I wear an ostomy belt every day.  It holds may bag securely against my belly and adds the extra reassurance I need.  The Hollister and Convatec brands are both comfortable, easy to use, and made from soft materials.


  1. Empower Your Change Shower Guard — I like the Empower Your Change Shower Guard because it covers my wafer and bag well and keeps out water while I shower.  Any time my bag gets wet swimming or showering, I have to take time to blow dry it, so no moisture gets trapped beneath the wafer because that can lead to a lot of skin irritation!  This Shower Guard gives me the freedom to shower without worrying about getting my bag wet.


Thanks to Katie for this list. What are YOUR ostomy must-haves? Share in the comments below. 



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