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Get Something Sweet for Mom 🎁 an adaptive gift guide

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Hey there, new mommas! Let's be real - finding comfortable and practical clothing can be a challenge. The need for adaptive clothing arises from physical changes that occur postpartum, such as nursing or recovering from a cesarean section. Traditional clothing may not accommodate these needs, leaving new moms with limited options. Adaptive clothing, on the other hand, is designed with these unique challenges in mind, making it a practical and comfortable solution for new moms. 

Learn more in our Adaptive Gift Guide:

Stretch Waistbands for Maternity and Postpartum

Spoonie Threads waistbands provide light abdominal support during pregnancy, as well as postpartum and post-surgery. Made from soft, stretchy, and sweat-wicking material, the bands hug the body and provide mild compression without adding bulk. 

Insulin Pump Belt for Hands Free Help

Soft, stretchy, and sweat-wicking, with antimicrobial power and a hidden zipper pocket – version features an additional back pocket and interior hole for abdominal access. The pocket opening has been increased to provide enough room to store larger devices and phones. It can be used to secure feeding tubes and PD catheters and is so comfy, you’ll forget you’re wearing it!

Recovery Blouse for Nursing

An adaptive blouse made for women by women. We designed this blouse for women who have recently undergone surgeries such as abdominal surgery or a mastectomy, and it is the perfect top for nursing moms and for as well as those recovering from belly-births. Hidden snaps at the shoulders provide easy access to feeding without removing clothing, and interior pockets can carry drainage bulbs or store medical appliances. This kimono-style wrap is also ideal for women with limited upper body movement as it's not necessary to raise your arms to put the blouse on.

Triple Zip Hoodie for Nursing

Our Triple Zip Hoodie has zippers at the top for chest access on both sides, and a third zipper above our kangaroo pocket for abdominal access and device storage wtih a smaller interior pocket that can hold a phone. 

We strategically placed snaps for the hood to hold the zipper opening closed at the top, giving you more coverage (and warmth!) while not affecting chest access during feedings.

All this accessibility in a soft, warm, hoodie you'll love! 


Support Sleeve and Ultra Support Sleeve

Sometimes Moms need extra support! Our Support Sleeves are soft, sweat-wicking support for PICC lines and insulin monitoring devices. The sensory-friendly seams and SPF 40 material are great for eczema and sun sensitivity, too.

Resources for Parents

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