Spoonie Hacks for the Home - OT Approved!

Spoonie Hacks for the Home - OT Approved!

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My name is Lindsay and I am an Occupational Therapist of 10 years who specializes in equip-ment and home modifications. I am the founder of EquipMeOT (@equipmeot on Instagram and YouTube in case you're interested) and have used these platforms to reach beyond the bounda-ries of our traditional health care system to help individuals become more comfortable with and aware of traditional AND non-traditional adaptive equipment. 

This post will hopefully provide some quick resources for equipment from an OT who really wants you all to know, WE CARE! WE SEE YOU! And WE WANT TO HELP! 

Let’s dive in with some of the equipment I love to share!

 Equipment I love for the bathroom:

Shower seat that can double as seating for grooming


• I love this type for it’s lightweight, but sturdy construction, arm rests (removable) and back rest. These tend to be the safest and most comfortable option for most. Add a cushion if the seat is a little firm for your liking.

Weighted hot tub cushion to your tub


 • These will give cushion for comfort as well as added height to make it possible to get in and out of the tub for some with decreased lower body strength!

Clamp-on blow drier holders


• Save your shoulders by attaching this to your counter tops and then mount your blow drier at the perfect angle for styling!

Equipment I love for the bedroom:

• Multi positional wedge pillow



• Whether this is used to elevate your head or your feet, this multi-positional wedge gives you many options for degrees of elevation!

Outlet extender




• This extender by iHome has all the outlets you need and can be mounted to the wall with a magnet so it can be positioned where you need it! No more bending to reach the low outlets or outlets stuck behind the bed stand.

 Equipment I love for the kitchen:

Electric can opener


 • This can opener by Kitchen Mama is my absolute favorite. It opens a can with the push of a button and even leaves a smooth edge so no risk of cutting yourself!

Chopper Tools


• I am partial to the Vidalia Chop Wizard (I’ve had mine for over15 years). This machine will cut down on food prep by more than half. It dices in uniform size and shape without needing any pro knife skills (or effort)!

Reusable sticky silicone sheets

• Dycem is a wonderfully flexible product that can be cut to any shape and size to help with grip and stabilizing. This is fabulous for everything from opening jars to keeping cut-ting boards from slipping!

 Equipment I love for keeping your house clean!

Rechargeable stick vacuum


• This Black and Decker model is under $200 with lots of cleaning power without all the bulk and cord management of a traditional vacuum.

Extendable dusting tool


• This Swiffer Extendable Dusting Kit is an excellent option for lightweight dusting option for high and low spots to save your back and shoulders from excessive bending and reaching.

Yard tool secondary handle


 • This back saving handle can be added to the shaft of most yard tools (rakes, shovels, etc.) and add a secondary point at a more ergonomic position for reduced injury risk!

 For more equipment information and to see many of these products in action, check out my YouTube channel or on my website.

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