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At Spoonie Threads we love all things in the adaptive wear community. Catch up with some recent news: 

More and more brands are figuring out--adaptive apparel and accessories are where it's at! “Steve Madden had an opportunity not only to fill a sizeable gap in the marketplace, but also to create a world where people with disabilities had the same opportunities to express themselves through fashion.”

Steve Madden Rethinks Shoes For Kids With Special Needs”  

Mainstream brands have been slow to embrace adaptive fashion but we applaud Tommy Hilfiger as they continue to move forward increasing their offerings. "Leading the way for adaptive fashion is something we’re very proud of,” Hilfiger wrote, adding that his passion for adaptive design stems from the issues his autistic children have faced getting dressed."

Tommy Hilfiger ramps up adaptive fashion. Who’s next?”  

The Washington Post covers mainstream brands like JCPenney, Kohls Target and Zappos. We love to see the increase of businesses getting into the adaptive apparel and accessories market. This article highlights two of our Spoonie Threads products sold on the Aerie website: "American Eagle Outfitters' Aerie brand is selling camouflage-print ostomy covers and hot pink insulin pump belts."

No seams, buttons or tags: Retailers are rethinking back-to-school clothing for students with disabilities” 

 Learn a few things about our products from the members of the Spoonie Threads team! 

 High Quality Materials 

Liliana Pope, Apparel Designer: “The Recovery Blouse is incredibly soft to the touch with the 100% Tencel fabric. It’s multi-functional and fashionable. This is going to be your new best friend!” 


Innovative Designs 

Ashley Steel, Product Development: “We're excited for our customers to try our new elastic ostomy cover. The stretch provided at the stoma opening will fit a wider range of bag openings, and provide a more secure fit to keep the elements out.” 


Sound Medical Knowledge and Testing 

Dr. Julie Sanchez, co-founder of Spoonie Threads: “Our g-tube pads were created because in the office and ER I was seeing skin irritation from patients using terry cloth pads. I purposely selected materials and a design to keep the g-button upright which helps reduce leaking and friction between skin and button which can lead to granulation tissue. We use three layers of fabric: a skin-facing micro-fleece that wicks moisture away from your skin, a hidden micro-terry inner layer which holds moisture in, and a water-resistant top layer to keep leaks from seeping onto clothing. In addition, our tubie pads have no rough edges, preventing further irritation to sensitive skin. “  

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