Tips for Spring Cleaning with a Chronic Illness

Tips for Spring Cleaning with a Chronic Illness

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Learn some Spoonie Cleaning Hacks 🧹

Spring cleaning is a chore to get through once a year! Help make the task a little easier with these cleaning tips specifically designed for Spoonies. 

Be Realistic

You don’t have to please anyone but yourself and your cleaning doesn’t have to be perfect. Put your physical and mental health first. Let go of expectations of what spring cleaning means and redefine them for yourself.  

Eat the elephant one bite at a time

Divide your jobs into smaller jobs. Take your time and listen to your body. Don’t try to do everything at once. Space out the more intensive tasks and rest in between when needed. 

And keep on top of the daily tasks like dishes so they don’t become bigger jobs. Don't let stuff pile up if you can avoid it. By getting rid of excess, you’ll have less clutter to clean around. Keeping up is better than catching up!


Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Family and friends are often looking for ways to assist. Or if it’s an option you can afford, hire out some of the more arduous physical tasks.  

Colorado Pain Care notes "Get your doctor’s permission—not everyone is capable of taking on the arduous tasks involved in spring cleaning. If you have a health condition that may interfere with housework or may worsen, it is in your best interest to ask your doctor first.  This may require an in-office visit, but you may get some insightful recommendations that could save you a lot of pain down the road."


chronic illness cleaning meme

We searched online for more cleaning tips for people with chronic illnesses and these are some of our favorites:  

“It takes a lot of energy to repeatedly bend down and pick things up off of the floor for us with chronic illnesses. The best thing I have found is to use one of those long reacher/grabber things. It conserves a lot of energy for me.”  

“When tidying, place things ‘in the direction’ of where they need to end up. Only travel when there’s lots of stuff heading that way.”  

“I use cleaners that can be sprayed and left to do most of the work themselves then just wiped off. If I need to do serious scrubbing, I use a scrub brush or a sponge on a long handle so that I can hold them without my hands cramping.” 

"Use a cleaning trolley instead of a bucket of detergents. It’s not worth putting added pressure on your body, especially if you have chronic pain – and a cleaning trolley is a fantastic solution. You can wheel supplies around from room to room and ensure that everything is kept in one place as you go about your errands."

 “Keep the cleaning materials needed in each room or at least on each floor. Walking up and down the stairs carrying supplies is just not for me.” 

“Lightweight vacuum. I have 3 levels to clean plus stairs. After I was diagnosed, carrying a vacuum up and down was just NOT the move. I decided to get one of those lightweight Dysons. I ADORE IT.” 

"Keep an adjustable stool with you. This allows you to sit and clean where it’s feasible. This way, you can sit when doing tasks like folding to conserve your energy."

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