Elastic Ostomy Cover Support Belt | 6"x9" Large | Black | Waists 22" - 59"

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Spoonies! Look at our newest innovation: the Elastic Ostomy Cover Support Belt. We’ve paired our popular 6"x9" Large opening elastic ostomy bag cover with the stabilizing support of a wrap belt. Belts help keep an ostomy bag secure to reduce the risk of irritation to your stoma and skin. Plus, our belt will help prevent the bag from detaching, tearing or leaking. Made from super-soft and sweat-wicking fabric for your comfort.

Use for on-the-go activities like exercise or sports. Use at night for greater ease of mind support to sleep. And use for support when swimming, but note belt and cover are water-resistant material (not waterproof) and won’t keep your bag dry. The bag cover features a unique design element with a side fold that can expand when output is filling to give space inside the cover without pulling or straining on the belt. It’s perfect for daily wear during activities, and at night for peace of mind. Give one a try today! 

SIZING: The elastic ostomy bag cover measures 6"x9". The opening accomodates devices from 2 1/2" up to 4".
The belt accomodates waist sizes from 22" up to 59". Measure the circumference of waist where you'd like to place the belt. Ostomy Wrap Belt is approximately 5 inches wide.

TIGHT FIT: Enjoy a tailored fit in our elastic ostomy cover that works with any pouch brand. The adjustable elastic opening cinches to ensure your ostomy bag will be snugly fastened around your stoma. This cover fits 19+ styles and 6 different sizes, catering to your unique needs. 

COMFORT: Made from buttery soft and breathable fabric that is smooth to the touch. Wrap style lets you securely size for your preference. Comfortable enough to wear during daytime activities and smooth enough to wear to sleep. Created with sensory-friendly seams and tear away tags. 

VERSATILE: Adaptive wrap designs accommodate placing elastic ostomy bag cover directly on stoma location on right or left sides with a snug overlap velcro fit. Measure sizing to fit around stoma site.

PROTECTION: Made from water-resistant material, protective shield against leaks and stains. Not 100% waterproof due to no watertight seal at the flange. Minor water ingress is possible, but you can still use confidently during your daily routines. 

EXPANDABLE: The bag cover features a unique design element with a side fold that can expand when output is filling to give more space inside the cover without pulling or straining on the belt.  

EASY EMPTYING: Need to empty your pouch while you're on-the-go? Our flip-bottom design lets you empty your pouch with the cover on. Simply open the pocket flap to access the bottom of the bag without having to take the cover off. Convenient while traveling or using public restrooms.

MATERIALS: 100% Polyester - Our fabric is designed for performance with features like sweat-wicking capability and durability. It is easy to wash, incredibly soft with a moss finish, and dries quickly.

CARE: Reusable. Machine wash cold, do not use bleach or fabric softener. Tumble dry low or lay flat to air-dry.

Spoonie Threads products have been thoughtfully created with the input and guidance of one of our founders, a skilled surgeon, who actively contributes to the design and development process.

Customer Reviews

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Barbara Malinowsky
Absolutely perfect!

I have been ordering from Spoonie Threads, ever since I started on my journey in 2022. I absolutely love this company and their products! The customer service is by far the best I have ever had. They truly care about their customers, and will do whatever they can to “make it right”. I have several of their Ostomy covers, and I know it sounds crazy, but wearing them makes me feel pretty!! I feel more secure with them on, and has made this “New Normal”, a lot easier for me to accept! I trust Spoonie Threads, and don’t want to deal with any one else! If you are looking for Ostomy supplies, contact Spoonie Threads, and you won’t be sorry!!

Hilary G.
Funny and practical!

I bought this as a gift for my uncle. It made him laugh and it’s practical!

Amazing covers!

I purchased 4 Ostomy bag covers since Spoonie Threads had such great reviews. They did not disappoint! I want my husband to have a normal life with his ostomy and this helps him with confidence. Not having to worry about his bag slipping out… thanks for making a product that works so well!

Just as described, very helpful!

Just as described, very helpful, thank you.

Love them!!

Finally an elastic cover that fits well, is easy to wash & safe even for swimming! Great quality & colours! My only suggestion is that there should be a medium size. I got a large & a small, but IF there was a medium, I would order that size. I can JUST fit my empty bag into the small, & I am ordering a couple more, because the large is a bit TOO big…(I just need to stay on top of emptying with the smalls!) I really appreciate the fact there’s good bag covers out there, for those of us who need them! (My ileostomy is permanent, so I’ll be buying more!)