American Heart Awareness Month: Give a little love to your heart

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February is  ❤️American Heart Health Month.❤️ We wanted to share some tips to help keep your heart healthy-- and there’s work to be done across all age groups, not just among older adults. Monitoring a child's heart is just as important with screenings beginning at age 10 for cholesterol.

What to expect during your heart health test (Check with your provider before your visit about fasting requirements.)

  • You will complete a health questionnaire about your eating habits, physical activity and history of heart disease.
  • You will have your height, weight and blood pressure measured.
  • Your provider will also take blood through a finger prick or needle to test for cholesterol and blood sugar.
  • You will also have your blood pressure checked with a blood pressure arm cuff.

When it comes to monitoring kids’ heart health, they should start getting their cholesterol checked at age 10 to look for any signs of genetic cholesterol abnormalities, other abnormalities. Ten years old really is the new time they’re supposed to have their first cholesterol screening according to the American Heart Association.

Exercising and eating right is the best thing any of us, child or adult, can do for our heart, “With adults and kids it’s getting out and exercising, active lifestyle and eating right. Eating fruits and eating vegetables and keeping your weight down. Those are the things that just promote heart health.”

When it comes to your health, there are some numbers you should know by heart. Discover if your numbers are where they should be, and get tips for disease prevention and heart-healthy living know these 7 points here

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Our Recovery Blouse has two interior pockets on each side so it's easier to keep things where you need them. 

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