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New Year's Resolutions: spoonie edition

New Year's Resolutions: spoonie edition

Posted by Spoonie Threads Staff on

It’s nearing the end of January. Are your New Year’s resolutions going strong or long forgotten? These types of goal-setting resolutions often come and go. Be forgiving of yourself and try setting resolutions the Spoonie way. 

Take care of yourself

Try to do the things you know your body and mind needs. Put good in to get good out. Be diligent with medications. Stick to foods that you know you tolerate best. Get the proper amount of fluids and the rest you need. 

Don't set numbered goals

Emily Ladau, an author and disability rights activist, uses “numberless” goals rather than overly rigid goals that set her up for failure. This advice allows you to keep going when you fall short a day and grant yourself more flexibility. 

Be realistic 

Understand your limits and know when to rest. Think honestly what your schedule already looks like and whether you truly have the time and energy to meet that goal. Pay attention to your own body. Figure out how to do things that help you succeed. Know when it’s time to let up as well as when it’s time to push.

Resolve to do less?

Reverse your thinking of resolutions needing to be doing "more". Maybe you need to let yourself do less of something that could be potentially harming your health. In a recent Washington Post article What disabled people know about making better New Year’s resolutions they give the insight that "making a resolution to do less can be just as valid as making a resolution to do more".

Remember--often these goals are set by yourself--so feel free to edit or even remove them at any time if they are not benefiting you or not bringing you joy.


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