Women's Health Month: featuring Recovery Blouse

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To celebrate Women’s Health Month, we’d like to share the inspiration behind one of Spoonie Threads' most popular adaptive clothing items, our Recovery Blouse. It was designed by women for women. 


Our Recovery Blouse is an adaptive blouse for women who have recently undergone shoulder surgery, abdominal surgery, or mastectomy; or those who are currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment. It also works for breastfeeding moms who are nursing or pumping. We placed hidden snaps at the shoulders to provide easy access to chemo port sites and interior pockets were added to carry drainage bulbs or store medical appliances. Useful for doctor visits, as it allows full access to port and surgical sites without having to remove clothing. The Kimono-style wrap is ideal for women with limited upper body movement as it's not necessary to raise your arms to put the blouse on. And we selected Tencel fabric because it provides a beautiful drape and dressy look that is flattering on all body types. 


Co-founder Saba Kamaras explains more about the decisions behind the design: 

“We wanted to create a garment that was comfortable and functional, but also more elegant than some of the recovery options we had seen. We wanted something that felt more luxurious and provided a dressy option. The kimono wrap style makes the fit more adjustable and easier to put on if you can't raise your arms up above your head. The Tencel fabric drapes very nicely but is also strong, so the interior pockets can hold the weight of drainage bulbs, medication, or nursing pumps. When creating the access points, we knew we wanted shoulder snaps but moved the placement a little bit forward, knowing that a purse or bag carried on your shoulder would be uncomfortable when sitting on top of snaps.” 


Our co-founder Dr. Julie Sanchez shares what inspired her to create the Recovery Blouse: 

“Women are the largest stewards of this world. Placing priority on our mental, physical and emotional health is a selfless and loving act towards ourselves and others. I'm reminded of the inspiration behind the creation of our recovery blouse.  

A dear friend of mine had undergone a bilateral total mastectomy for breast cancer. I recall visiting her after her surgery. Here was a warrior of a woman, who was a mother, daughter, wife, friend, social worker, and entrepreneur, who now was before me tired, afraid, and uncertain of her future. I recall seeing her trying to keep her oversize shirt on while maneuvering her drains and dressings. I felt helpless. I could not take her cancer away nor could I predict a perfect future. However, I could help design a recovery house that could give her comfort, security, and dignity. A recovery blouse that would be able to hold her drains, medications and secure her dressings while allowing her to go to the doctor's office or receive visitors. A recovery blouse that was not only functional but also stylish.  

I still recall how amazing it was to see the final product. Thankfully, my friend is cured and has that bright future she desperately prayed for. On this special month, remember to celebrate your health and make yourself a priority. You are worthy of this life!” 

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