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Dr. Julie Sanchez (left) and Saba Kamaras (right) co-founders of Spoonie Threads
Dr. Julie Sanchez and Saba Kamaras, co-founders of Spoonie Threads


About Us 

Spoonie Threads, a female-founded company, brings a unique understanding of both medicine and fashion to our line of adaptive apparel and accessories. Our designs are created from expert opinions—yours! Because it’s about time your self-expression, confidence and overall fearless-ness were combined with products that meet your individual needs. We want you to feel life is easier, better, and more manageable because you found a product that makes you feel great. After all, you deserve fun, comfortable, and on-trend products that match your style and personality. Limitations? So not our style.

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Dr. Sanchez first saw a need for adaptive apparel in 2015. In 2018 Saba joined the team to launch partnerships with fashion companies who saw the need for inclusive design, such as Zappos Adaptive and American Eagle's Aerie brand.

Since then, the adaptive clothing market has exploded into a global movement. We realized that we couldn’t meet all the needs of the chronically ill community, so we refocused our energy on products for stoma, feeding tube, and diabetes care under our new name Spoonie Threads. 

Learn more about how we chose the name Spoonie Threads in this video with Dr. Julie and Saba. 

What is a Spoonie? 

The Spoon Theory is an analogy to describe what daily life is like when living with chronic illnesses or disabilities, originally created by Christine Miserandino.

graphic displaying spoon theory

Imagine that a handful of spoons represents the amount of energy one has in a single day. Every single task – like showering, getting dressed, and eating breakfast – costs a spoon. A chronically ill individual might run out of spoons before lunchtime, while a healthy individual may have spoons to spare at the end of the day.

People with a chronic illness consciously and constantly take the number of spoons into consideration when making choices in their daily activities. This simple analogy helps explain the compromises that chronically ill individuals must make in order to persevere each and every day.    

Click here to read Christine Miserandino’s original piece on the Spoon Theory.  

Life is challenging enough living with a chronic illness. At Spoonie Threads we aim to make it just a little bit better, and a little bit brighter. Enjoy our adaptive apparel and accessories that bring style, comfort, and confidence. 



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