2 for $30 ostomy bag covers

Black "Peace Out #2" Elastic Ostomy, Colostomy, Ileostomy Bag Cover

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Pouch Size (Width in. x Length in.) 5"x8"
Color Black
Opening Size Small
We love the subtly of this new design! At a first glance, a stylized peace sign✌️ is evident, but a closer look reveals the more playful #2 reference. Wear this when you want to let your fun-loving side show. Mix and match this bag cover with our other colors or prints to show your ostomy attitude! 

Spoonies! Check out our ostomy bag cover that features an adjustable elastic stoma opening. The elastic cover is designed to CINCH tightly around your stoma for a more custom, form-fitting experience to protect your bag from outside elements.

Say goodbye to leaks and stains with an extra layer of security between your ostomy bag and clothing. This cover is made to be lightweight and water-resistant just like the Spoonie Thread covers you already know and love. Sizing is easy to figure out and compatible with all pouch brands!

Need to empty your pouch while you're on-the-go? Our flip-bottom design lets you empty your pouch with the cover on. No fuss, no mess. 

Please note this product is water resistant but not 100% waterproof, it does not have a watertight seal around the flange and the bottom flap may allow water inside the cover during activities like showering. You certainly can wear it in the shower, but it may not keep your pouch completely dry.
  • Scroll to the final image or click here for the size chart

Measure the width and length of your ostomy pouch (in inches) to find the Pouch Size. If your pouch empties at the bottom, roll it up and/or close the bottom before measuring. Then choose an opening size (diameter in inches) that will fit around the flange of your ostomy pouch.

The easiest way to find the right bag opening size is to place a ruler across the ring and measure at the widest point, as shown. If your bag opening measures 1.5-2.25" choose the Small opening. If your bag opening measures 2.5-4" choose the Large opening.

TIGHT FIT: Enjoy a tailored fit that works with any pouch brand. The adjustable elastic opening cinches to ensure your ostomy bag will be snugly fastened. This cover fits 19+ styles and 6 different sizes, catering to your unique needs.

LIGHTWEIGHT: Designed with Spoonies in mind, this lightweight and flexible cover offers an extra layer of security, allowing you to move with confidence and comfort without weighing you or your bag down. Works comfortably with ostomy belts and waistbands too.

PROTECTION: Made from water-resistant material, protective shield against leaks and stains. Not 100% waterproof due to no watertight seal at the flange. Minor water ingress is possible, but you can still use confidently during your daily routines.

STYLISH: Step out in style and embrace daily activities with this water-resistant ostomy bag cover. Designed for both men and women, it offers not only coverage and protection but also a touch of style to your daily routine. Feel confident and secure as you go about your day, knowing you're supported by a versatile ostomy cover that balances functionality and fashion.

EASY EMPTYING: Need to empty your pouch while you're on-the-go? Our flip-bottom design lets you empty your pouch with the cover on. Simply open the pocket flap to access the bottom of the bag without having to take the cover off. Convenient while traveling or using public restrooms.

CUSTOMIZED: Experience optimal comfort at its best by choosing from various sizes (5x8, 6x9, 6x11) and two opening options (small/large). The elastic opening stretches snugly around your stoma, providing a custom, form-fitting experience that complements your lifestyle and preferences.

REUSEABLE: Wear our fabric covers again and again. Multiple-wear items are convenient and economical! When a clean is needed, machine wash cold and air dry only. Change the color of your stoma cover with your mood or the season!

• Machine wash cold, air dry only
• 100% Polyester

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I made a mistake and they handled the exchange like champs! Thank you again!


I made a mistake and they handled the exchange like champs! Thank you again!


I made a mistake and they handled the exchange like champs! Thank you again!

Exactly what I wanted!

I loved, exactly what I wanted, excellent material

Barbara Malinowsky
Absolutely perfect!

I have been ordering from Spoonie Threads, ever since I started on my journey in 2022. I absolutely love this company and their products! The customer service is by far the best I have ever had. They truly care about their customers, and will do whatever they can to “make it right”. I have several of their Ostomy covers, and I know it sounds crazy, but wearing them makes me feel pretty!! I feel more secure with them on, and has made this “New Normal”, a lot easier for me to accept! I trust Spoonie Threads, and don’t want to deal with any one else! If you are looking for Ostomy supplies, contact Spoonie Threads, and you won’t be sorry!!