Black Solid Ultra Double Pocket Belt, Zipper Pack

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The Ultra Double Pocket Belt offers an ideal hands-free solution, providing comfort and functionality for carrying T1D items like insulin pumps, glucose monitors, or meds like an epi-pen. It’s also versatile, serving as a convenient zippered fanny pack for carrying your smartphone, keys, wallet, and other essentials on your hip or waist during your busy days. If you're looking for a soft, stretchy, clip-free insulin pump belt that is suitable for an outdoor run or a restful night's sleep, the Ultra Double Pocket Belt is the perfect choice!

For those looking the same great features in a belt with a narrower width, check out our Double Pocket Belt.

The Ultra Double Pocket Belt is versatile in size, accommodating both adult waist measurements ranging from 25" to 62" and youth waist measurements from 16" to 24". You have the option to wear the belt at your waist (midline) or hips, so simply choose your preferred placement and measure around that specific area to determine the circumference in inches. You can refer to the sizing chart provided in the images, which is also accessible here for your convenience.

COMFORT: Crafted from super-soft, stretchable fabric, our Ultra Double Pocket Belt features moisture-wicking properties, sensory-friendly seams, and anti-microbial attributes. To put on, simply pull over head or step into the belt and place at your waist or hips—no clips to dig into your stomach. You can wear it under or over clothing. It's so incredibly comfortable, you might just forget you're wearing it. Ideal for nighttime use as well.

UTILITY: The two pockets (one front zipper, one back flap) easily accommodate vital equipment and necessities. You can comfortably pack your Insulin Pump, Blood Glucose Meter, Epi-pen, Test Strips, Syringes, Identification, Snacks, Mobile Phone, and Keys. A interior buttonhole gives access for running tubing or lines through to abdomen or chest.

VERSATILE: Although the Double Pocket Belt was initially made with T1D users in mind, it serves as an excellent choice for anyone leading an active lifestyle, providing a hands-free solution for carrying essential gear while on the go. Use for: running, hiking, biking, rock climbing, yoga or anytime you don’t have pockets in your clothing and don’t want to carry a bag. Use as a money belt for travel under your clothing or to carry your room key at a resort or cruise.

Sized for children, teens and adults this belt is a fan favorite!

POCKETS and OPENINGS: The generously-sized front pocket features a convenient zippered opening. For Youth Sizes Y1 and Y2, as well as Adult Size 1, there is a 7” zippered opening. For Adult Sizes 2 to 5, a 9” opening provides even more accessibility. Inside the front pocket, there is a reinforced interior opening designed for abdominal access, making it perfect for managing cords, infusion tubing, feeding tubes, and PD catheters.

On the flip side, the back pocket with its flap closure also boasts a sizable opening ranging from 6” to 8”, making it ideal for securely storing even the largest mobile phones and other gear.

DEVICE COMPATIBILITY: The pockets offer ample space for various insulin pumps, including those from Dexcom, Medtronic, Freestyle Libre, Omnipod, and Tandem. They also effortlessly accommodate even the largest mobile phones, such as the iPhone 15 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5.

• 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex
• Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
• Do not use bleach or fabric softener
• Do not iron over label

Spoonie Threads products have been thoughtfully created with the input and guidance of one of our founders, a skilled surgeon, who actively contributes to the design and development process.

Customer Reviews

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B Marrero
So comfortable!

The material is very soft and lightweight and it is super comfortable. After years of wearing a pouch with a thin belt and two large attachment areas that are very uncomfortable when you lie on them while trying to sleep, this product is a dream come true. I wish I had discovered it years ago!

Malynnda Montano
Perfect for toddlers!

I got this for my 21mo old for her insulin pump. I was worried it would be to big but fits her great I got youth small. I will definitely be ordering more

Andrew Riebe
Excellent product

This has helped to make the process of carrying my insulin pump much easier. The fabric is soft and stretchy, but holds it's place. The pump is not too heavy and doesn't drag the material down. Very comfortable.

Amy Charnetski

Great well made product

Like the belt

I like the belt. It does what it is supposed to do.